Curious mind

An inquisitive mind is natural to the child. He/She encounters new  situations without prejudice, and asks why. Why does darkness come? Where does the sun go? What are the clouds? Where does the snow come from? From this state of wonderment it is easy to move on to conducting little experiments and tests.


Kindergarten is a world, only smaller

Tellus-taaperot (Tellus toddlers) is a private kindergarten that offers full daycare in a homelike environment for young children. 

Our kindergarten provides English language immersion activities, world citizenship education, and exploring the world in which we live – involving play, arts and crafts, presentations, field trips, visitors, etc.

Two languages

In Partial Language Immersion (Language Shower) many familiar objects, issues, concepts and activities that the child has learnt in Finnish will find a second name, one in English, as the year advances. We will learn English in situations that involve addressing others, greetings, courtesies and eating together. Children become familiar with English songs, stories and rhymes during morning circles.

World citizenship

Education for world citizenship can be applied in many daily situations. It is not a school subject that is taught separately, but rather a particular viewpoint that bears on attitudes that we adopt and the choices that we make. The aim is that the child would feel it natural to belong to one of the  children of this Globe, while everyone has a homeland dear to them, wherever it may be.


Contact information



Tellus Toddlers Kindergarten is located at Kaijanlampi, a new residential area in Keljonkangas, Jyväskylä – just a ten minute drive from the city centre.

Street address

Rantahaka 6
40530 Jyväskylä


(014) 372 2151
or 045 671 9961 (Tapio Nyman)
or 045 671 9962 (Tuula Nyman)